Monday, October 12, 2009

Malaysia Laray Miller

My name is Eurasia. I am a single mother of two lovely girls and one brand new grandson. The last few years of our lives have been difficult. I took a pretty big pay cut when I took a position at Elk Grove Unified School District in January 2004. I worked with families of different cultures and children with different disabilities. It was an awesome job and I loved it, however, we lost a lot including my vehicle that was repossessed.

Malaysia Laray Miller, was born on July 14th 2007 with Williams Syndrome, which was not diagnosed until September 2008. She was my second child and my little angel. Malaysia was born with a heart murmur. The doctors said that Malaysia was ok and the murmur would possibly go away with time, but there was no guarantee. Malaysia had a difficult time sleeping and breathing at night and I would stay up worrying about her. I was eventually told that Malaysia was actually suffering with Pulmonary Artery Stenosis and that she needed surgery right away. Malaysia had her first surgery on December 10th 2007 to help correct the problem with her heart. Malaysia had a second surgery on February 14th,2009 for her umbilical hernia which was abnormally large, and her tonsils and adenoids which helped her breath better through the night. Williams Syndrome is a rare condition caused by missing genes from chromosome 7. Malaysia will live with minor to moderate retardation, learning difficulties, distinctive facial appearance, and a unique personality that combines overfriendliness and high levels of empathy with anxiety. The most significant medical problem with WS cardiovascular disease is caused by narrowed arteries. More than 50% of WS children have attention deficit disorder, and 50% have specific phobias, such as fear of loud noises. People with WS require regular cardiovascular monitoring for potential medical problems, such as symptomatic narrowing of the blood vessels, high blood pressure, and heart failure.

Malaysia has changed my life for the better. She is truly an angel. Although I have been blessed with employment, my family is still faced with hardships. As a state employee, I am currently furloughed 3 times a month which is a 15% pay cut. It’s difficult, but I am happy to be employed and to be with my children.


Auntie Clare said...

Eurasia - you are one tough cookie and the beaming smile from your daughter is proof of a job well done, in spite of the hurdles. I am in awe of your strenth and hope to see you at future Love Olivia events.

Clare (aka, Auntie and Chief Cheerleader in Charge)

Cheri Pryor said...

She is adorable. I know your basket of love will help and encourage Eurasia to keep up the good fight. Much love and blessings to that sweet little family!!