Monday, October 5, 2009


Many special needs families are financially struggling due to the economy, medical expenses, and reductions in benefits. The costs of health care, therapies, and day to day living for these families are astronomical. We have spoken to several families directly regarding their financial concerns. The common denominator seems to be “how will I pay for groceries, gas, and provide my children with holiday gifts?”. We need your help to provide some relief and put Holiday Cheer into these special needs families’ homes!! The following holiday campaigns are ways you can help support your local community as well as make a difference this season...

Love, Olivia – Holiday Cheer Gift Baskets
This season, Love Olivia has a goal to deliver 3 holiday cheer gift baskets containing a $100 grocery certificate, $25 gas gift card, and toys or clothing for each child. Each basket will be worth $200. If you are interested in providing certificates, gift cards, toys, etc., please contact Love, Olivia directly at 916-752-8192 or send a mail message to
Easter Seals – Families Helping Families Support Fund
Each year, Easter Seals purchases toys for all of the families in need in their program for the holidays. They pick the families most in need and purchase toys, clothing, etc. for those children. They typically end up pulling together a large bag of goodies for each child. They also give gift certificates for groceries and Target to the parents. If you are interested in making a donation to Easter Seals, please contact them at
Adopt a Cancer Child for Christmas
Michelle Churn is a mom of a 3 year old boy, Cole, who has Lymphoma. (You can read Cole's story at Michelle wants to ensure that children similar to Cole have a Christmas, and thus she has created Adopt a Cancer Child for Christmas. If you are interested in details of providing a gift to a child through the Adopt a Cancer Child program, please feel free to contact Michelle at 916-224-4022 or email her at

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