Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Denio’s…Not Quite the Venue to Sell Children’s Apparel

At 5:15am on Saturday, September 12, 2009, Cheri Pryor, Kjell, sick little Olivia, and I left our house with 2 truck loads of children’s apparel, toys, and books. Additionally, Cheri brought along 2 very stable clothing racks. After the trucks were unloaded, Kjell and Olivia headed home while Cheri and I prepared for “business”.
It was a LONG MORNING until about 9ish. It was then that we sold a pair of shoes! “Woo-hoo” we shouted!! Throughout the day, we sold various clothing and toys. It wasn’t a significant impact, but every little bit helps especially given the fact that for each item sold, we are donating an item to a special needs family.
As I was sitting there, I was watching people purchase tools, antiques, and fruit. It dawned on me that folks really don’t go to Denio’s seeking out children’s apparel. It may have not been a great selling outcome, but we handed out several Love, Olivia flyers that explained the mission and vision of the company. I feel we made connections with several visitors. I am hopeful that they will further explore the web site and this blog.

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